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The Monumental Arboretum

The Botanic Garden of the Universitat de València

José Plumed, Manuel Costa

Traducció: José Manuel Alcañiz, trad.

Col·lecció: Botanical Monographs

ISBN: 978-84-9133-011-0

Matèria: ciències

Submatèries: biologia

Idioma: anglès

Any ed.: 2016

Enquadernació: rústica

Format: 16 x 21 cm.

Pàgines: 224 pp.

Disponibilitat: En existències

7,00 €



«The Monumental Arboretum» includes the 65 most noteworthy specimens of tree species in our garden, from all geographical zones of the Earth. Genres such as Araucana, Cupressus, Podocarpus, Cephalotaxusm, species · of pine trees and Cycas, monocotyledons such as Nolina, Beaucarnea, and the large sample of Yucca filifera, probably the oldest garden plant, and the giant bamboo Dendrocalamus giganteus. Some of these examples are, already, senescent and most likely die in a not very long term. Each plant that disappears is an irreparable loss, but we have to accept that this is the cycle of life. Our mission is not to make them live forever, but replace absences with new specimens that allow that our Grove continues to be the main attraction of this botanical garden. Aquest volum mostra la gran diversitat d'arbres i altres plantes notables que són elements singulars del Jardí Botànic.