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Applied Languages: Theory and Practice in ESP

Jordi Piqué i David J.Viera, eds.

Col·lecció: Oberta, 42

ISBN: 978-84-370-2902-3

Matèria: filologia

Submatèries: fiologia anglogermànica

Idioma: anglès

Any ed.: 1997

Enquadernació: rústica

Format: 17 x 23 cm.

Pàgines: 270 pp.

16,00 €



Today more and more linguists and language specialists the world over are acknowledging the vital role of ESP within the English language teaching and learning area. Consequently, teachers and learners alike are discovering that there is a wider scope available to them in the field. Hopefully, the joint effort that went into the publishing of this volume will serve to motivate others to continue working in this direction.